Why Choose Me

I specialize only in places I know first hand, countries I have experienced personally and have an in depth knowledge of. I am constantly working on furthering my knowledge of these destinations, and keeping up with changes as they happen (and in this business things change quick). This involves frequently revisiting these destinations, attending trade shows and even weekly webinar’s.

I am an independent consultant and am affiliated with an international agency. Because of this, a large number of suppliers are available to me, offering literally hundreds of different vacation options. My focus is to make the process of arranging travel as easy as possible, finding what you’re looking for at a fair price (remember, the cheapest is not equal to the best value).

The Countries I have visited and my areas of expertise:

  • Ireland (ok thats an obvious one)
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • South America (including The Galapagos)
  • Hawaii
  • I have also visited and explored the following regions: Egypt, Dubai, The Maldives, Fiji, Jamaica, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Some of these countries have specialty training programs in place, this insures that any consultant offering their destination, is very familiar and knowledgable of all aspects of that particular country and everything that it has to offer. Click Here to see my list of specialties.


I have a simple formula for a successful vacation experience:


Explore : Engage : Enrich

Explore the unusual, be brave and find unique experiences.

Engage and Interact, be part of it, don’t be a spectator.

Enrich yourself and others, this is ultimately why we travel.