What I Offer

The direction the travel industry is going is very exciting for all of us, the age of “sightseeing” is over, and you, and many like you, are looking for a genuine experience. You want to be immersed into the heart and soul of your destination of choice.  It is my goal to provide you with the tools, to do just that.

What I offer is much more than a booking service. I will get into the fine details of a destination with you, we will work though your itinerary together, and explore the sights in each region. What to see and what not to see, we will discuss all your accommodation options and the advantages and disadvantages of each, we will focus on activities that fit your needs and if that wasn’t enough, we will find some great places to dine and be entertained.

The complexity of the planning process will depend on where you decide to go, and for how long. You may have already discovered that researching on the internet gets complicated quickly, even after you sieve through all that, there is still an alarming amount of uncertainty that will remain, not to mention the lack of support, should something not go as planned.

Travel can be a complex and often stressful experience. The question I ask is, why would anyone decide to go it alone?  No Guidance, no personalized recommendations, no support… There a lot to be said for the peace of mind that knowing your will be guided through every step of the journey, before, during, and even after your vacation.

Why not avail of the free 15 minute consultation that I offer, I’d be happy to help you get the ball rolling, and get a little closer to making that vacation a reality.