Independent Ireland ~ Self Drive

This is often described as the only way to experience Ireland, I agree for the most part this can be true.. except when its not! There are definite advantages and also disadvantages, it depends on your travel preferences. But the stress can be taken out with some detailed pre-pannning, and knowing what to expect from the components that are booked. Thats what you get when you work with someone that knows this country, has grown up there and returns many times a year to keep current on changes. This is a country I am proud to call home and would love to share it with you.


It all comes down to personal service, choosing a supplier can be tricky because, lets be honest, its not just about booking tickets. Its about planing an experience that is tailored specifically to you, and your needs.

As with all the links on this site, it will serve only to whet your appetite. I work closely with each and everyone of my clients personally and custom build an individual itinerary catering exactly to your needs.

I will take care of all the vacation components, Flights, accommodations, tours, Car rental and Travel insurance. Not only that but I will be suggesting local spots that are a little off the beaten track.

In Ireland you are spoilt for choice from hostels, Bed and Breakfast, cottages, holiday homes, Hotels of all ranges and the resorts and castles. As you can see, the the options are pretty broad, but having a specialist that is very familiar with them will insure that you get the best value you can afford.

I will plan out routes and make sure that stops are made at worthwhile locations, and help you avoid the places that don’t warrant exploration.

Having a support level in place is what its all about, I am here to assist you, before, during and after your vacation.

So have a look around and see what options you have, but be sure to contact me with your specific questions.


As a guide, you could download this guide on driving routes in Ireland